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Financial Literacy Chat

Kinfolk Coaching believes one cannot achieve optimal wellness without appropriate financial wellness

Service Description

You will submit your personal budget and financial goals up to 48 hours in advance of our scheduled meeting. I will review your budget and goals to create action steps for you to achieve success. This conversation is honest in understanding where you are currently and what you can do to obtain a better financial outcome. The goal is to create optimal financial wellness for you and your family and to give you action steps to complete in achieving this. Entrepreneurs can benefit from this chat because business finances are tied with personal finances. Any entrepreneur who struggles with maintaining personal wealth habits will likely struggle with managing business wealth. Let's talk!

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify us via text or email at least 24 hours in advance. In the event of an emergency, please notify us as soon as possible. Not adhering to this policy will forfeit half of your booking fee. -Kinfolk Coaching

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